Situated in south-west Kenya is the spectacular Maasai Mara Game Reserve is one of Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Reserves. Masai Mara is contiguous with the Serengeti National Park in Mara Region, Tanzania is and together it forms Africa’s most diverse, incredible and most spectacular eco-systems in Africa offering unique top safari big game viewing.

Wilde beest migration.

Re-known for the 8th wonder in the world, the great annual wildebeest migration, live in Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the wildlife attractions that make Kenya the best wildlife destination in the world.

The migration is a natural cycle that replenishes the grasslands of East Africa. The herds gather at the river banks of the Mara River and as the pressure builds, the herds are finally forced to surge into the river for the most perilous stretch of their journey. In the struggle across the river, many are drowned or swept away by the strong currents. The crossing also attracts massive crocodiles that await this season of bounty. The herds continue their journey southward and repeat the same journey where the renewed grasslands await.
The untamed plains also harbours the big five animals; the lion, giraffe, rhino, leopard, elephant and buffalo. There are also numerous zebras and gazelles, white-bearded gnu, warthogs, oribi and antelopes.
Apart from crocodiles, the lions, cheetahs, hyenas and jackals also join this move to prey as the herbivores navigate the riverine forests. It is comical yet sad but it is nature as provided by mother earth.

The reason for the migration remains a mystery but it could be due to the long rains in Kenya between March and May. Our safari packages will get you there. Request itenary


The migration can be experienced on early morning game drives, walking safaris with Maasai Warrior guides, horse riding safaris or hot air balloon safari over the herds.

Mara balloon safaris.

Balloon safaris are carried out daily from several lodges we work with and can be booked with us as we put together your exciting Kenya journey. Request itenary

When to visit.

This park can be visited all year round but actually migration period is July to October and other months will be good for Safari. Maasai Mara can be combined with other Kenyan destinations for a more exciting holiday.