Uganda travel information


Uganda Visa is issued online follow the link to complete the process Here


Uganda’s international airport is Entebbe and has a number of international flight that land every day from different destinations. That is KLM royal Ducth, Emirates, SN Brussels, Etihad, Turkish airlines, Egypt air, Ethiopian airline, South African airlines, Qatar, and Kenya airways.


Uganda is one of the countries that is right on the equator which gives it a tropical climate with only two season. That is wet and dry seasons, the average temperatures range between 18 to 30 degrees. With its tropical climate Uganda is an all year round travel destination, though most people prefer to travel during the dry season. Dry months: December, January, February, June, July, August, September Wet Months: March, April, May, October, November


The Ugandan currency is the Ugandan Shilling. To make sure you are not spending more than necessary we recommend you to pay all small items (food, drinks, snacks, souvenirs, laundry, etc.) in Ugandan shillings. You can change dollars, pounds and euro's either on arrival in the airport, but the best exchange rates are found in Kampala. It's good to have some us dollars with you at all times. You can pay hotels, activities, park fees and you can always exchange if an ATM is empty or out of order. .

Important Notes

• In Uganda they do not except us dollars given out before 2006
• When you exchange money use big notes (50 or 100 us dollar). The exchange rate of smaller notes is much lower.
• Make sure notes are not cut, or damaged in any way. It will not be accepted.
• Euro's and Pounds have a good exchange rate. Don't change Euro's or pounds in dollars and change dollars to Ugandan Shillings later. You will lose a lot.
Bring dollars for safety and direct payments only.

Exchange rate.

This was the Exchange rate for Feb 2017. Currency UGX
US Dollar 3580
Pound Sterling 4800
Euro 3,800
Check the current exchange rates in the Ugandan newspaper


There are ATM machines from Barclays and Stanbic bank in all big trading centers or cities. In the big cities like Kampala, Mbarara and Jinja you can find several branches and many machines. In other towns normally only 1 ot 2 ATM machines are found and they may be out of cash or not working due to power cuts. Make sure you always have enough cash with you to cover 3 -4 days. The ATMS usually have a limit of approximately $150 a day, though you can as well get money over the counter in all banks that accepts Visa cards and Master Cards.

Traveler cheques.

They are not common and only accepted in a few banks in Kampala and they offer a very bad exchange rate for it. We do not recommend carrying them.

Credit Card.

In some big hotels credit cards are accepted, but it is still not very common in Uganda. Charges are normally around 5-8%. We advise not to use credit cards as your primary method of paying.


Uganda is home to many African languages from different tribes having over 30 tribes with 30 different languages. English is mainly used throughout the country and Luganda is the common local language in the Central region and Swahili mainly in the North.


Uganda is an extremely safe country to travel with the most welcoming and friendly local people. Like anywhere else you travel, you will have to take care of your personal belongings as you walk along busy roads.


It’s very necessary to keep healthy on your trip, we advise that you get visit your GP at least 2months before your travel date for necessary precautions. Medical services in Uganda are mainly in Kampala and in case of any emergencies, you will require an air ambulance. Please ensure to buy an adequate travel insurance and have enough money on you to pay any necessary bills that will come up during emergency.
Emergency Lines:
East African Treks and Safaris Office
Emergency --+256706793086 (Kampala, Uganda)
Emergency--+447510207226 (London United Kingdom)
Office line--+442035246907 (London United Kingdom)
Office line--+256701114499 (Kampala Ground operations office)
Recommended Uganda travel Hospitals
The surgery Kampala
Reception: +256 (0) 31 225 6001/2/3
Pharmacy: +256 (0) 31 225 6005
Ambulance: +256 (0) 752 756003
Medical examinations: +256 (0) 31 225 6007


We advise you to bring a bag or suitcase from soft material. Hard cover suitcases are difficult to place in the car and are likely to break on the bumpy roads in Uganda. If carrying a backpack, ensure that its either water proof or remember to carry a water proof cover for it.

What to bring(for hiking equipment, please request for the special gear list).

Before the trip:
• Check your flights and print boarding pass (frequent flyer pass) or bring ticket.
• Check if your passport is still valid for 6 months or more.
• Get all medical requirements (malaria profilax and injections).
• Get your travel- medical and/ or cancellation insurances.
• Bring a copy of your passport.
• Bring your yellow vaccination book.
• Get the phone number of your embassy in Uganda.
• Bring important phone numbers from home.
• Don't forget your wallet, ATM/ credit cards and money.
• When you are on medication, bring your medication in a small box or bag. Make sure medication is allowed to bring.
• Bring a book/ magazines, some snacks, ear plugs, neck pillow for during the flight.

During the trip:

Clothes: • Flip flops • Sandals • Hiking boots • Belt • 2 Long trousers • 3 Short trousers • 2 Long sleaved T- shirts • 5 Short sleaved T-shirts • 1 or 2 blouses/ shirts • Swimming costume • Underwear • Socks • 1 warm sweater • Rain jacket • Pajamas • 1 towel • Rain Pants • Hiking poles • Sleeping bag Basics: • Small day pack • Travel guide • Pocket knife • Water bottle • Pen/ pencil + blocknote • Money belt Health: • Personal Medication • First aid box • Insect spray (containing deet) • Pain killers • Sun lotion • Lip balsum • ORS (Oral rehydration salt) • Sunglasses/ hat • Anti-Car/ boat/ flight/ hight sickness tablets Toilet bag: • Toothbrush • Toothpaste • Shampoo • Douche gel • Soap • Shaving stuff • Aftershave • Gel/wax • Deoderant Electrics: • Phone and charger (British style plugs ) • Photo/ Video camera and sim card(s) • Batteries for camera • Ugandan plug (and extension) • MP3 player • Alarm clock • Torch • Binicolars Personal stuff: • Watch • Glasses (with the box) • Contact lenses • Sunglasses • Keys from your home, car, etc Relaxing: • Books • Magazines • Games • Puzzles • Music instruments • MP3 player Food and drinks: • Instant soup • Some candies? Phone There are several mobile providers including MTN, Airtel and Warid. We will be happy to purchase a sim card for you on request, which you will receive on arrival with phone credit and Internet date. Make sure that your phone is Sim- Lock- Free. The country code for Uganda is +256 .