Mt. Moroto

Mt. Moroto at a glance

Mount Moroto located in far Eastern Uganda coming off at 3,083 m or 10,115 ft high is an adventurous destination. The mountain is one of the chained volcanoes along Uganda’s international border with Kenya that begins with Mount Elgon in the south and includes Mount Kadam and Mount Morungole. The region around Mount Moroto is a forest reserve which habours over 220 bird species, monkeys, wild cats and much more. East African treks and Safaris offers trips to this adventurous destination, these trips can come off as tailored depending of your travel interests, though we have some trip ideas below.

When to hike.

This mountain is best accessed from Oct-May.

East African Treks and Safaris offers hikes to Mt. Moroto with a combinations of Mt. Kadam 3063m, Mt. Napak 1500m , Mt Murongole 2749m and the visit to Kidepo National Park known for the highest concentration of wildlife. Our Experts are available to guide you through choosing your best trip. Please see trip ideas below.

The higher areas, excellent arid thorn savanna and rocky slopes are accessible from the town at the foot of the mountain.

East African Treks offers hike to Mt. Moroto with a combination of trips to Mt.Elgon National Park, Kidepo National park, jinja and anyother prefered destinations.