Mt. Mgahinga national park.

The Mgahingas at a glance

Known to the locals as Gahinga, Mt. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park sits high in the clouds, at an altitude of between 2,227m and 4,127m. Mt. Mgahinga stretches to Rwanda and Congo forming the well-known large Virunga conservation area which includes adjacent parks in these counties. This park harbors the unique gorillas that enjoy the thick forests on the mountain with a high number of Golden monkeys. Lots of Bird species are seen on Gorge walks and hikes to the different peaks, the commonly seen are: Dusky turtle Dove, Cape Robin-chat, Kivu-ground Thrush, Olive Thrush, Brown-crowned Tchagra, Bronze Sunbird, Regal Sunbird, Blue-headed Sunbird, Rwenzori Batis, Black-headed Waxbill and Streaky Seedeater.

As well as being important for wildlife, the park also has a huge cultural significance, in particular for the indigenous Batwa pygmies. This tribe of hunter-gatherers was the forest’s “first people”, and their ancient knowledge of its secrets remains unrivalled.

Gorilla Trekking

Mt. Mgahinga is also Home to the unique gorillas, we do run gorilla trips to this national park. One will require at least 3days for this trip and an advance booking is required due to the least number of permits available per day (8permits per group). Contact us for more details

Golden monkeys trekking

There is an estimated 3000-4000 Golden monkeys living in the bamboo forests of the Virunga Volcanoes, though it’s claimed that they are still very much endangered as they face the same difficulties as the mountains Gorillas. One can trek Golden Monkeys as part of the same trip as it’s a half day experience. Uganda Wildlife Authority now offers you the golden opportunity to experience a Golden Monkey Habituation in Mgahinga National Park. One accompanies the researchers in the morning or afternoon to track the Golden Monkeys and stay with them for 4 hours. You will have the unique chance to get close to these little primates and study their behavior in their natural habitat. Contact us for more details.

East African Treks and Safaris offers hikes to the different peaks in The Mgahinga volcanoes with a combination of Gorilla trips, hiking trips and safaris to different National Parks. Please see the hike itineraries below.

At 3,669m, takes about eight hours to cover the 14km round trip, following a steep ridge up to the peak. Mt Sabinyo is one of the numerous rolling volcanoes that make up the magnificent Virunga mountain range that spans along the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. While the other volcanoes either lie in one of the countries or are shared between two countries, Mt. Sabinyo lies at the meeting point of the all the three borders. It is more like the axis of the Virunga range and offers the best views across the Virungas.

Due to the extremely rugged nature of the terrain along the Sabinyo’s slopes that has many craters with sharp ridges, the mountain cannot be trekked in the other two countries except in Uganda where they have managed to work out a safe though challenging trail that includes improvising handmade ladders to assist climbers at very steep sections. Hiking activity sets off from the park office after meeting with and briefing by the ranger guide. Walking sticks are provided for free meanwhile the porters are available for hire.

You go through vegetation ranges from the bamboo zone between 2400 – 2800m, this is also habitat for the Golden Monkeys which you are chanced at seeing. Other big wildlife in the park includes Buffaloes, Elephants and Gorillas but are rarely seen on the trail. Between 2800 – 3200m is a beautiful forest patch of Hagenia Hypericum, over 3200 is that Sub-alpine zone that has fewer trees. This is also territory of the famous Rwenzori Turaco, a stunning bird which is also endemic to the Albertine rift region.
At the summit you will get the chance to be at the meeting point of all the three countries, and enjoy the best views of all! Contact us

At 3,474m is one of the shortest hikes and It takes around six hours to ascend and descend, topped by a swamp-filled crater and giant lobelia. Lucky climbers may spot golden monkeys on their way through the bamboo forest, this hike starts at 8am in the morning and returning at 2pm depending on fitness of hiking parties. Contact us

At 4127m is the highest peak in the Mgahinga Volcanoes, this 8hrs hike is 12km round trip and always starts off at 8am. Once at the top, hikers are rewarded on a clear day with views of the Virunga Volcanoes, Lake Edward, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the peaks of the Rwenzoris. This trek is strenuous and requires physical fitness.


  • Rain gear, i.e. rain coat
  • Hiking shoes
  • Woolen hat
  • Gloves for cold weather at the top
  • Long-sleeved shirt and trouser to protect from itchy plants e.g. stinging nettles
  • Comfortable walking boots


The volcanoes can be accessed all year round and most clients visit Mt. Mgahinga for Gorilla trekking which activity is done on a daily basis, EA Treks & Safaris organizes Gorilla trekking trips to this destination. Inquire now.